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Tories condemn millions to cost-of-living misery

Sunak's statement fails to deliver Rishi Sunak's Spring Statement can be summed up with…

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Press release: Sunak "pushing people into poverty"

Poorest households face 10 per cent hike in cost of living The SNP has said Rishi Sunak…

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Press release: IFS report - Tory inaction will cause biggest hit to living standards since financial crisis

Chancellor pressured into urgent action to help households The SNP has called on the Ch…

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Press release: Cost-of-living crisis: real pay falls as prices continue to soar

Chancellor must get a grip before millions pushed into fuel poverty The SNP has urged t…

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Tory inaction on cost-of-living crisis continues

The UK is in the grip of a cost-of-living crisis - one fuelled by years of Westminster austerity,…

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Press release: UK Government must urgently tackle in-work poverty

Tories need reality check over struggles of ordinary families The SNP has said the UK g…

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Press release: Double hit to workers if National Insurance hike goes ahead

Cost of living could create endless cycle of misery The SNP has demanded the UK govern…

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Press release: Distracted Johnson failing to tackle Tory cost of living crisis

Tory cuts, tax hikes and Brexit have pushed people into poverty The SNP has said the UK…

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Press release: New analysis - Tory cost of living crisis 'will hammer poorest families'

Low income households to spend 18% of income on energy bills The SNP has said the UK go…

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