Cookie notice

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file stored by your browser by a website that you visit. Cookies help websites remember information about your visit, which can make your next visit easier and the site more useful.

How does this site use cookies?

This site makes minimal use of cookies. Three cookies are set directly by and details of these are listed below:

  • davidlindenscot_session
    This cookie allows this site to track whether the user is logged in or not.
    This cookie is used to help protect this site and users from Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks. More information on this type of attack can be read on  Wikipedia.
  • davidlindenscot_cookie_consent
    This cookie remembers whether the user has acknowledged the cookie notice so that it is not displayed again.

What other cookies might be set?

This site makes use of third-party technologies which set their own cookies. Details of how this site utilises services from some of these third parties, as well as links to their individual cookie notices, are listed below:

  • Twitter
    This site makes use of the Twitter embed function to display individual tweets and timelines.  Twitter cookie notice
  • Facebook
    This site makes use of the Facebook embed function to display Facebook content.  Facebook cookie notice
  • Google
    This site makes use of Google Analytics to track information about users such as what type of device they use to access the site, what language they speak, and what browser they use. This kind of information can then be used to tailor future development of the site to make sure users get the best possible experience. The site also embeds content from Youtube, which is a Google product.  Google cookie notice