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McVitie's: Statutory consultation process begins

Pladis, the company which owns the McVitie's brand, officially issued a HR1 notice yesterday sign…

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Press release: Removal of whisky tariffs welcome after SNP pressure

SNP MP David Linden has welcomed the removal of US tariffs on Scotch whisky after a cross-party c…

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McVitie's petition presented in Parliament

Since the news broke that McVitie’s plan to close the factory in Tollcross, people haven’t be…

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Press release: Prime Minister urged to step in over McVitie's job loss threat

An SNP MP has urged the Prime Minister to step in and engage with the owners of the McVitie's fac…

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Crisis talks with McVitie’s

Earlier today, I met with McVitie’s to put pressure on the company to halt the proposed closure…

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Emergency SNP McVitie’s motion passes

Yesterday, the SNP group brought forward an emergency motion to the full Glasgow City Council mee…

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Opposition to the closure of McVitie's Tollcross

Pladis, the parent company of the biscuit brand McVitie's, today announced that it has started a …

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Press release: Tories leave millions of workers behind

Scotland needs independence to boost employment rights Boris Johnson is facing a growin…

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Reusable Nappy Week

This week is Reusable Nappy Week, which was started to raise awareness of the benefits of reusabl…

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