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Sunak's attempt to pass the buck for appalling record disgraceful

Instead of blaming sick and disabled people for his Tory party's appalling record in government, Rishi Sunak should be boosting investment in public services and well-paid jobs, the SNP has said.

The call follows the Prime Minister's speech at the Centre for Social Justice, where he set out changes to the welfare system that David Linden MP warned are the "wrong priorities" and "another opportunity for the Tories to demonise sick and disabled people".

Commenting, David Linden MP, the SNP's Social Justice spokesperson said:

"Rishi Sunak's disgraceful attempt to blame his party's appalling record in government on people who are sick and disabled made for grim watching.

"Instead of trying to pass the buck, his government should be boosting investment into the NHS and finding ways to deliver well-paid jobs, which will help to grow the economy and protect people's health and household budgets.

"Fourteen years of Tory austerity has damaged the economy, crippled public services, hammered household budgets and dismantled the social security system, all of which has had an impact on people's physical and mental health - and Sir Keir Starmer has confirmed things won't change under a Brexit and austerity supporting Labour government.

"Scotland is taking a different approach to its social security and public services, based on fairness, dignity and respect - but Westminster is holding us back. We can only truly protect our public services and families with the full powers of independence, inside the EU.

"With both Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer focused on the wrong priorities, it is only the SNP standing up for the people in Scotland and our values."

Photo of Rishi Sunak by 10 Downing Street and used under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial 2.0 Generic license.

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