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Press release: Scottish Tory MPs vote to slash pensioner income again

The SNP has slammed Scotland's six Tory MPs for, yet again, failing to vote against the scrapping…

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Press release: Sunak short-changing millions of families

Only independence can protect Scotland The UK government's failure to match the Living …

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Press release: Tories must U-turn on triple lock scrap

The SNP is urging the UK government to "do the right thing" and U-turn on plans to scrap the Trip…

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Press release: New poll - Scots reject Sunak's Budget

A new poll suggests that an overwhelming majority of Scots do not believe the Chancellor’s Autu…

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Press release: UK Budget falls apart under scrutiny

Tory cuts, tax rises and Brexit leave families worse off The SNP has said the UK Budget…

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Press release: Days left for Tories to scrap plan to plunge near a million into poverty

SNP demand prime minister reverses cut for challenge poverty week The SNP's Shadow Work…

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Press release: Sunak's grant is "pitiful and deeply cynical"

The SNP has slammed the UK government for its "pitiful and deeply cynical" attempt to cover up re…

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Press release: One week for Chancellor to U-turn on cruel welfare cuts

With one week to go until the cut to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit, a Glasgow MP has ur…

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Press release: DWP underpaid 134,000 pensioners over £1 billion in State Pension

SNP warn only independence can protect pensions Following a National Audit Office inves…

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