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Insufficient state pension forces almost 20 million to work past retirement age

Tory austerity continues to punish pensioners

The SNP has slammed the Tory government over the "shamefully inadequate" state pension after new research found that 19.2 million (49%) people who have not already retired plan to work beyond the retirement age, citing finances as the top reason.

36% of those surveyed plan to continue to work due to rising fears that their state pension will not cover their day-to-day expenses and 30% say they have concerns over the ongoing Westminster-made cost of living crisis.

The SNP has said that successive Westminster governments have failed Scotland's older people time and again, and that pensions are not safe under Westminster control.

Commenting, the SNP's Social Justice spokesperson, David Linden MP said:

"It is a tragedy that after working and contributing to society for years, millions of older people in Scotland and the rest of the UK are having to work beyond retirement age in order to make ends meet.

"As well as presiding over thirteen years of austerity, leading to a shamefully inadequate state pension, the Tories have also overseen scandals such as the injustice done to WASPI women and the fact that state pensions are frozen for pensioners living abroad.

"The Tory government has failed Scotland's older people time and again - they deserve better.

"With the majority of Scottish seats being a straight contest between SNP and the Tories, only by voting SNP in this year's general election can we make Scotland Tory-free and make Scotland's voice heard at Westminster."

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