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Labour governments are "rarities" - McFadden

Admission will haunt Labour's campaign in Scotland

Commenting as the Labour Party's campaign co-ordinator Pat McFadden has admitted that Labour general election victories are "rarities", which means Scotland usually gets Tory governments we don't vote for, SNP MP David Linden said:

"This admission blows a huge hole in the Labour campaign in Scotland. By admitting that Labour governments are 'rarities', Pat McFadden has confirmed a central proposition of the SNP and the case for independence - that Scotland usually gets lumped with Tory governments we don't vote for.

"This will haunt Labour's campaign in Scotland all the way through to polling day.

"Voting SNP is the way to make Scotland Tory-free at the general election - and it's the way to get rid of Tory governments for good with independence.

"Labour are throwing away their policies under Tory pressure at Westminster. And they are now admitting that Scotland will always be trapped in a damaging cycle of Tory governments for as long as we are stuck under Westminster control."

In an interview with Holyrood Magazine, Labour Party National Campaign Coordinator Pat McFadden MP admitted:

"There have only been three Labour leaders since Ramsay MacDonald that have been elected prime minister. It is a myth about British politics that it's a pendulum. It's not a pendulum. Labour election victories are rarities."

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