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Press release: UK Government slammed over Towns Fund fairness for Scotland

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SNP Housing & Communities Spokesperson, David Linden MP, has called upon the British Government to outline when Barnett funding for the Stronger Towns Fund will be made available.

Secretary of State Robert Jenrick confirmed to Linden in June that spending for the Stronger Town’s Fund would be Barnettised – meaning that the funding would be provided by the UK Government under the Barnett formula which adjusts the public expenditure to devolved nations.

However, as of yet the UK Government has failed to announce the consequentials for Scotland, with no confirmation when, or if, an announcement will take place.

This failure on the part of the UK Government comes as Scotland sees its 14th pro-Independence poll in a row.

Challenging the Minister in the House of Commons today, Glasgow East MP David Linden said that the Government must 'step up' and fulfil its funding promise.

Speaking from the House of Commons, David Linden MP said:

"In June of this year, the Minister committed to me that spending from the Stronger Town’s Fund would be Barnettised. However, as of today, no consequentials have been announced for Scotland.

"People in Scotland will be perplexed that countless Tory MPs in England can stand up and say how much their towns are getting, yet as usual Scotland is left in the dark.

"This is a running theme for this Government, which has also failed to release further details for funding the Shared Prosperity fund.

"This Tory government has a track record on bypassing the Barnett Formula and depriving devolved nations of the funds due to them. It is this behaviour that is causing support for independence to continually grow.


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