Labour Shadow Chancellor: Scrapping Two Child Cap won't be in manifesto

Labour in scotland "just a branch office"

Speaking to the Sun newspaper, Labour shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves confirmed that ending the two child benefit cap will not be part of their election manifesto.

The Tory policy has previously received criticism from the leader of the Labour party, with Starmer calling for it to be scrapped. Deputy leader, Angela Rayner has also labelled the policy "obscene and inhumane".

The policy, introduced by Prime Minister David Cameron, limits child benefit to only the first two children in a family.

New figures have shown that 409,600 households were impacted by the two child limit across the UK, affecting one in ten children.

Commenting, SNP social justice spokesperson, David Linden MP:

"The Tories' callous two-child cap has pushed thousands of families across Scotland into poverty. Labour in Scotland say they oppose it, but their bosses in Westminster have ignored them. Regardless of anything Anas Sarwar or Jackie Baillie says, Labour will stick with Tory policy - this shameful decision reveals that Labour in Scotland is just a branch office of Westminster.

"After 13 years of Tory austerity and the economic chaos of Brexit, the Labour party are offering more of the same. By contrast, the Scottish Government is working hard to mitigate against Westminster's destructive policies.

"The SNP Government has lifted an estimated 90,000 children out of poverty with progressive policies like the Scottish Child Payment and Best Start Grant - but for every step we take forward, damaging Westminster policies like the two child cap are dragging us back again.

"At the next election voting SNP is the only way to guarantee real change, tackle the cost of living, and with independence Scotland can get rid of Westminster Tory governments for good."

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