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McVitie's petition presented in Parliament

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Since the news broke that McVitie’s plan to close the factory in Tollcross, people haven’t been shy in making their opposition known.

The groundswell of support for keeping these jobs in the East end has been heartening and the petition organised by workers at the factory is currently sitting at over 52,000 signatures — a staggering amount in such a short space of time.

Yesterday, I presented a paper petition in Parliament in support of the McVitie’s workers and by doing so, I hope to catch the attention not only of the UK Government but of McVitie’s owner Pladis and show them that the public are not happy with their proposed withdrawal from Scotland despite almost two centuries of shared history.

The closure of the factory would have devastating consequences and the message to McVitie’s is clear; don’t take the biscuit.


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