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New CAB report: More targeted support needed

The SNP is calling on the UK Government to deliver more targeted support to households battling the Westminster-made cost of living crisis.

It comes following new analysis from Citizens Advice Scotland who have highlighted the devastating impact the crisis is having on households across Scotland.

The report concluded that:

  • Council rented tenants make up 42% of food insecurity advice compared to 20% of advice generally.
  • Single parent households are twice as likely to seek utilities advice than advice generally.
  • The majority of demand for utilities advice is from those from a SIMD1 background.
  • One in five people are currently seeking advice for consumer debts like credit cards.
  • 37% of those needing crisis support also need food bank advice.
  • More than one in six who sought food insecurity advice also need utilities advice.

This latest report from Citizens Advice Scotland paints a bleak picture for thousands of households across Scotland.

Last week, the UK government had the opportunity to deliver support to those needing it most and help prevent scenarios like this unfolding. Instead, both the Chancellor and Prime Minister abandoned them.

In contrast, the SNP Scottish Government continue to support households through bold and progressive actions like the Scottish Child Payment and Best Start Grant - not to mention spending a staggering £600 million per year just to mitigate cruel Westminster policies.

These are just some of the actions we have managed to take, all with one hand tied behind our back and working on a fixed budget. Can you imagine what we could do with the full powers of a normal, independent country?

With Westminster continuing to make households across Scotland poorer, the need for independence has never been starker. Independent countries like Scotland are wealthier and fairer than the UK - so the question is, why not Scotland?

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