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In Your Shoes again

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Tomorrow sees the return of my #InYourShoes work experience programme and I’m thoroughly looking forward to it.

I’ve long believed that, if politicians are to truly represent their constituents to the very best of their abilities, then we need to be prepared to roll up our sleeves and put ourselves in the shoes of others. In Parliament we’re often given a platform to make speeches and tell the Government what we think but that’s got to be based on our experience here, on the ground, in our own constituencies.

Shortly after I was elected, I undertook to do work experience in my constituency – largely to give me a better understanding of the challenges faced by workers doing all sorts of different jobs.

In September last year I had experience working as a barman in a local pub, out with the Police doing speed checks, as a Teacher in Our Lady of Peace Primary, working in a busy Citizens Advice Bureau and, lastly, a day with the Fire Service in Easterhouse. Each experience was very different and it gave me a direct insight into the challenges faced by those doing different jobs.

Earlier this year, I asked you all for suggestions as to what jobs I could go and do for my next round of #InYourShoes work experience, then put it to a vote on my facebook page. The five top picks were:

  • Foodbank worker
  • Postman
  • Care worker
  • Housing officer
  • Support for learning worker

So, the sessions are all set-up and I start off tomorrow with my time at Glasgow North East foodbank with the wonderful Tara Maguire and her small team of volunteers. I’ll be writing a short blog after each day on my website and you can also follow my latest #InYourShoes journey on twitter and on facebook.

Let’s go!


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