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Banning conversion therapy - a conversation with Stonewall

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I recently met with Nancy Keller, Chief Executive of Stonewall UK, to discuss upcoming policy that may impact LGBT+ people.

Stonewall UK and their counterparts in Scotland and Wales are the largest LGBT+ organisation in the UK and the second largest worldwide.

Stonewall UK are working towards a world where every LGBT+ person can live freely without persecution, focusing on a range of issues including workplace and school empowerment programmes, and the 'Rainbow Laces' campaign to encourage inclusion in sport.

It was great to talk with Nancy Keller about the upcoming Stonewall UK campaigns and where the focus for the charity will be this year.

It is clear that the UK Government's promise to ban conversion therapy is a top priority for Stonewall and many LGBT+ campaigners.

I have had many constituents email me to highlight their views about the ban on conversion therapy, and I will advocate for those who want to see this harmful practice ended.

Conversion therapy is a hurtful and a humiliating practice that no one should be put through. It should be a priority to ban conversion therapy and ensure that victims receive the necessary support that they deserve.

The SNP Government in Scotland is committed to banning conversion therapy if the British Government fails to do so. The First Minister has stated, "if the UK Government does not take serious action on conversion therapy, an SNP government will bring forward our own legislation to end these discriminatory and harmful practices against LGBT people insofar as the powers of the Scottish Parliament allow."

I will continue to work with Stonewall UK and Stonewall Scotland to ensure that all LGBT+ people around the world are free to live without persecution in a more equal and fair society.

You can find out more information about Stonewall UK and the great work they do here - stonewall.org.uk