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Keep TV free for the elderly

The Conservatives pledged to maintain free TV licences for over-75s in their 2017 manifesto, but this promise is now being broken. It isn't fair that pensioners are paying the price. Sign my petition below to send a message to the UK Government that they need to keep their commitment and restore funding for the free licence.

Petition closed

Thank you to everyone who signed my petition to keep TV Licences free for over-75s. This petition has now closed and will be presented in the House of Commons in the near future.

Text of the petition

The petition of the residents of Glasgow East

Declares that free TV licences to households with someone aged over 75 should remain for the foreseeable future; notes that this scheme should remain in governmental hands rather than being privatised via the BBC; further that the removal of the free TV licences will have a negative impact on some of the poorest pensioners in the constituency and across the country; further notes that one of BBC's proposals in the consultation is means-testing the concession by linking the free licences to Pension Credit; further that the Department for Work and Pensions’ own estimates show that nationally 40% (two in five) of those entitled to receive Pension Credit are not in receipt of the benefit and would be excluded; further that access to media, especially if frail or housebound, can reduce loneliness in older age and improve wellbeing.

The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Government to reverse the planned decision to end the funding of the free TV licence to households with someone aged over 75 and the privatisation of this to the BBC.

And the petitioners remain, etc.