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Visit to Glasgow East Juniors RFC

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of visiting Glasgow East Juniors RFC in Barrachnie to hear mor…

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Black Lives Matter in education

Of everything that has happened this year, the surge in support for the Black Lives Matter moveme…

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Phase three: what's new?

The First Minister today announced that the progress we’ve made in suppressing COVID-19 means t…

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Phase two: what's changing?

Today, the First Minister has announced that we are now ready to move into phase two of the Scott…

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More help for tenants and occupiers

I've been working flat out for weeks now to try and find a solution to the issue faced by traders…

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Coronavirus: BAME report

Many constituents have contacted me recently to raise their concerns over a recent report from Pu…

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Scrap the Benefit Cap

The Benefit Cap limits the maximum amount that a household can receive in benefits. Introduced by…

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Black Lives Matter

Over the past few days, we have witnessed some incredibly alarming scenes in cities right across …

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Action needed on British Airways

There is no doubt that coronavirus has hit our economy hard and that many jobs are on the line. A…

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