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Excluded must be supported through new lockdown

Today marks the start of a new lockdown across Scotland and England. This isn't easy for anybody …

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FACTCHECK: Boris Johnson’s fishy Brexit claims

Today, the House of Commons is debating the European Union (Future Relationship) Bill. The Bill i…

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Debate: The future of fairs and showgrounds

Today I took part in a Westminster Hall Debate on the future of fairs and Showgrounds. During the…

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Debate: Homelessness support in winter

Today I spoke in a Westminster Hall Debate concerning the support for people experiencing homeles…

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Press release: Urgent clarity required over binned bonus billions

SNP MP David Linden has called for urgent clarity from the UK Government over the Job Retention B…

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UK Aid raid is morally outrageous

Last week, the Chancellor unveiled his Spending Review — essentially a statement of how muc…

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Know the signs of cancer in young people

Today I took part in a Westminster Hall debate discussing the signs and symptoms of cancer in tee…

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60 second summary (27th Nov)

Time for the 60 second summary of my week. Check out the links below the video for more informati…

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Press release: Religious freedoms must be protected during the pandemic

Glasgow East MP David Linden has called upon the UK Government to protect religious freedom durin…

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