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Prime Minister dodges disability support question

Earlier today, I challenged the Prime Minister at his weekly question session in the House of Com…

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Press release: Tories fail the test on tackling child poverty

Scotland's future must be in Scotland's hands - not Boris Johnson's The SNP has said th…

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Press release: Chancellor urged to prevent cliff edge for millions

Following reports that the UK government will extend the Universal Credit uplift for only 6 month…

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One punch assaults: interview with Dehenna Davidson MP

This week, Dehenna Davidson MP set up a new All-Party Parliamentary Group looking at the issue of…

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Press release: New Universal Credit claimants struggle to pay bills and eat

Chancellor urged to use budget to strengthen welfare protections The SNP has demanded t…

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Mental Health: Largest investment in history of devolution

This pandemic and the resulting lockdowns will have undoubtedly impacted many people’s mental h…

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Linden kicks off Lent fundraiser

Today marks the eve of Lent and I’ll be joining many others this year by filling my "Wee Box" t…

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A post-lockdown pint!

Many of us are already thinking about what life might be like after lockdown restrictions are gra…

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Press release: Child poverty: ‘Numbers are just too big to ignore’

Welfare expert slams tory plans to cut universal credit as ‘unthinkable’ Following…

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