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Scotland, not the Tories, should determine workers' rights

For several years now, the Tories have been promising an Employment Bill which they have not brou…

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Tory inaction on cost-of-living crisis continues

The UK is in the grip of a cost-of-living crisis - one fuelled by years of Westminster austerity,…

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Press release: Prime Minister must tackle HGV driver shortage

An SNP MP has urged the Prime Minister to tackle the mass shortage of HGV drivers across the UK -…

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Press release: Touring musicians are latest Brexit casualty

Glasgow East MP David Linden has accused the UK Government of having “doomed the Scottish music…

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Press release: Research funding Brexit blow

East End MP David Linden questioned the Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson, over …

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FACTCHECK: Boris Johnson’s fishy Brexit claims

Today, the House of Commons is debating the European Union (Future Relationship) Bill. The Bill i…

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Stalemate yet again

Time for episode four of my Brexit Breakdown. That's round two of indi…

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Westminster isn't working

Time for episode three of my Brexit Breakdown. The indicative votes ar…

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Another Brexit defeat for May

Here's number two in my Brexit Breakdown series of short video updates. …

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