World Book Day 2023

Today is World Book Day and is a real highlight of the year for kids. I really look forward to it too and make sure, no matter how hectic my diary, that I squeeze in at least one visit to read to local kids. In advance of World Book Day this year, I popped into the Enchanted Tree Nursery in Broomhouse and spent some time reading and singing with some of my very youngest constituents.

Getting kids into books from a young age can fuel a lifetime of reading and learning, and can be a catalyst to propel them on to great things. As World Book Day grows in popularity, more children across the East End will form a life-long reading habit and enjoy the improved life chances this brings them.

I am delighted to celebrate my own love of reading through the World Book Day campaign and am very pleased to have been able to share that with the Enchanted Tree Nursery this year.