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Visit to Parkhead Housing Association

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Last week, I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet with the Interim Chief Executive of Parkhead Housing Association, Aileen McGuire.

The meeting was a good opportunity to hear about PHA’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and, in particular, their efforts to support vulnerable tenants during this period of lockdown restrictions. It was yet another reminder that our Housing Associations aren't just RSLs but they so often fulfil a much wider role in supporting the community - with more than just repairs or a roof over folks' heads.

Because of the pandemic, the last few months have been particularly challenging for the Association – made tougher by a significant fire in the Association's stock at Whitby Street, as well as a flooding incident. However, it is clear Aileen and her team remain utterly focussed on supporting Parkhead's tenants and looking ahead to future developments in our community.

My thanks and best wishes go to Aileen and the staff for all their hard work to support my constituents.