Solidarity with East End posties

Last Friday, I joined striking Royal Mail posties on the picket line for their 13th day of industrial action.

The Glasgow South East Delivery Office on Fullarton Drive is the largest in Scotland and it's from there that all our mail and parcels are prepared to be delivered here in the East End.

CWU members have not taken this strike action lightly - especially in the run up to Christmas - however, it is vital that we stand by our posties in the face of an aggressive attack on their terms and conditions.

Privatisation of Royal Mail has been an unmitigated disaster - we cannot stand by and allow our posties to be turned into gig economy workers which is clearly the direction of travel.

Over the next two days, Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th December, posties will once again be out on picket lines and they have my continued support for their industrial action.

Victory to the CWU!

If you want to show that you support your postie, you can find printable posters on the CWU website.