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DWP health assessment system "contributed to death of claimants"

A damning new report has found that the Department for Work and Pension's (DWP) health assessment system has "contributed to the death of claimants".

The report, published by the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee, comes five years on from its first inquiry which, at the time, found "significant problems".

The Committee has since concluded that many of these problems still remain, and that "important changes" are required "to improve trust and transparency" within the system.

Commenting, the SNP's Social Justice spokesperson, David Linden MP, said:

"Five years ago, the Tories were warned by this very committee that the DWP's health assessment system required urgent change.

"They didn't act, and now some claimants have paid the ultimate price.

"This is a scandalous revelation which lies squarely with the Tories.

"However, we have sadly become accustomed to this. The sanction regime introduced by this Tory government has plunged millions of families into poverty, forcing many to remain on Universal Credit and take lower paid jobs.

"In contrast, under a progressive SNP government, people in Scotland enjoy a social security system that is built on fairness, dignity, and respect - and provides a safety net for those on the lowest income.

"And all of this is achieved with one hand tied behind our back.

"With the full powers of a normal, independent country, we could revolutionise the benefit system in Scotland and finally build a fairer, more equal Scotland - and eradicate poverty once and for all."

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