Paterson's Landfill licence suspended by environment watchdog

I warmly welcome the news that the landfill site operated by Paterson's of Greenoakhill Ltd in my constituency has had its permit partially suspended by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

This operation has long blighted the communities of Broomhouse and Mount Vernon and in recent weeks I have had reports from constituents living as far as Parkhead that the offensive odour emanating from the site is being noticed there.

As a long-time supporter of community efforts to put a stop to the landfill operation, I am delighted with this news of the serious and decisive action taken by SEPA.

I have been in touch with the environmental agency many times regarding Paterson's, most recently on Tuesday of this week to ask they take further action.

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Ms Nicole Paterson
Chief Executive Officer
Scottish Environment Protection Agency

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Tuesday 24 January 2023

Dear Ms Paterson,

RE: Paterson's of Greenoakhill Ltd.

I am writing to you regarding the landfill site within my constituency which is owned and operated by Paterson's of Greenoakhill Ltd.

It is my understanding that Paterson's were fined by SEPA last year with a Variable Monetary Penalty (VMP) following 8 days of “offensive odours” which had been emitted by the landfill site between 8 June and 15 June 2021 which resulted in 138 complaints about smells from nearby residents. It is also my understanding that representatives from SEPA attended the site on 6 December 2022 noting an increase in odours as a result of an area identified as producing gas with works to control the production and prevent it from being released due to have been completed by 18 December 2022.

I am aware from a number of constituents who have been in touch that the increase in odours has persisted since 6 December and, in some instances I understand has been stronger more recently than during the period between 6 and 18 December 2022. I have also been advised by a constituent that they have been in contact with SEPA directly and they understand that there were 2 Cells which were leaking, one which was capped, but the other, Cell 11, is still leaking.

I would be grateful if you could look into this to advise as to whether the information regarding the leaking cells is correct and, if so, whether SEPA is aware of actions being taken by the owners of the landfill to halt the leak. If the leak had been contained I would also be grateful if you could provide an update regarding the incident which was first noted 6 December 2022 and whether there are any public health concerns following this.

Thank you for your assistance with this matter. I look forward to receiving your response.

Yours sincerely,


David Linden MP
Member of Parliament for Glasgow East

This latest enforcement comes after last month's civil penalty of £6,200 served on the landfill operator. The Variable Monetary Penalty was the first in Scotland served by SEPA. Paterson's was also required to pay £1,156.35 of SEPA's costs.

The partial suspension of Paterson's licence means that they cannot accept any more non-hazardous waste for landfill on to the site until they have assessed, identified and implemented all necessary measures to ensure that its waste operations are carried out without offensive odours being detectable beyond its site boundary.

SEPA will continue to carry out assessments of the landfill site and ask for the public to continue reporting any incidents.

You can help with future action by making a report to SEPA if you notice an offensive odour.

Notify SEPA via its pollution hotline on 0800 80 70 60 or using their online reporting tool at

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