No MP should be able to put parties on expenses

One of the biggest stories of the day in today's newspapers is that IPSA, the independent organisation that oversees the rules surrounding MP expenses, has issued guidance which allows Members of Parliament to claim the cost of Christmas parties for their staff.

This decision has caused very understandable anger and I want to assure my constituents that I share that anger.

At no time would this be acceptable and I do not understand why IPSA have issued this guidance. Against the backdrop of the cost-of-living crisis, this guidance is particularly inappropriate and completely out-of-touch with public sentiment. MPs should be primarily concerned with the economic emergency facing businesses and households right now, not whether or not we can treat our staff to a publicly funded party.

It would be utterly wrong for any MP to have the taxpayer pick up the bill for Christmas parties and I can assure my constituents that I certainly won't be doing so.