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McVitie's: Statutory consultation process begins

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Pladis, the company which owns the McVitie's brand, officially issued a HR1 notice yesterday signalling advance notification of potential redundancies.

This means that the formal 45-day consultation process has begun on the proposals recently brought forward by Pladis to close the Tollcross factory.

This news is incredibly disappointing and my thoughts are very much with the factory workers who are faced with an uncertain future. Generations of families in the East end of Glasgow have helped to propel the McVitie’s brand to its contemporary dominance over the domestic biscuit market, outselling the next seven biggest brands combined.

The McVitie’s brand stands on the shoulders of its dedicated Tollcross workforce, both past and present, and the workforce does not deserve to be treated like this.

Factory closure is not a foregone conclusion and I continue to engage with trade unions, the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow City Council and the UK Government.

There is a genuine and collective will to prevent the factory being shuttered and to protect local jobs, and I will keep playing my part to convince the company to change course.


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