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Important McVitie's debate held

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Having secured an important debate to raise the proposed closure of the McVitie's factory in Tollcross, I used the opportunity yesterday to make a direct call to the senior management of parent company Pladis.

My message to Pladis is clear: Your workers built your business and they don't deserve to be treated like this.

The McVitie's workforce has been instrumental in the success of the brand - a brand that is cherished because of its rich history, not in spite of it.

McVitie's is as much a part of the East end of Glasgow as we are a part of it. I want Pladis to work with us, to properly engage with the Action Group and to listen to the reasonable propositions being put forward.

There is a genuine and collective will to prevent the factory being shuttered and to protect local jobs. Pladis should have the good business sense to change course.

Watch the full debate below:


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