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Garthamlock Post Office closure: a wake-up call for Westminster

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Post Office Limited has announced that Garthamlock Post Office will be closing on Saturday 13 February 2021.

This is obviously a devastating blow, and it once again highlights the major problems with sustainability in the Post Office network. Ultimately, it is local people who suffer when service is withdrawn.

Those living in the area are left to suffer the consequences and this closure will leave Garthamlock more isolated, particularly during a pandemic which has already left them feeling more removed from the wider community.

Post Office Ltd struggles desperately to get sub-postmasters to take on branches and to keep them on. There are clearly problems with the business model which need addressed — something I have raised repeatedly with the UK Government, only to have been ignored.

Westminster needs to start taking this problem seriously before local provision is completely decimated. These are vital services and the Government has a duty to put a halt to their erosion. I’ll be continuing my efforts to get Westminster to wake up to the problem and to start taking action to benefit our communities.

Post Office Ltd is currently holding a consultation on this branch closure. If you are affected, please let them know your thoughts by email to comments@postoffice.co.uk

Document icon Read the branch closure letter from Post Office Ltd


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