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Emergency SNP McVitie’s motion passes

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Yesterday, the SNP group brought forward an emergency motion to the full Glasgow City Council meeting of councillors. The motion, led by Shettleston ward councillor Laura Doherty, found cross-party support and was passed unanimously by all councillors in attendance.

The passing of this motion gave the full support of all council groups to the leader of the Council, Cllr Susan Aitken, to take all appropriate steps to assist in preventing the loss of these jobs, and to explore ways to secure a sustainable future for the site.

Cllr Doherty’s full speech can be viewed below, and the full text of the motion can be found underneath.

brought forward by SNP Councillor Laura Doherty.

Council expresses its deep regret and concern at the announcement that the Pladis McVitie’s factory in Tollcross may close with the potential loss of almost 500 jobs. Council notes that this factory is one of the biggest employers in the area; has provided generations of jobs for local people in the east end; and that the potential loss of these jobs will have a devastating impact on the workers, their families and the local economy.

Council further notes reports that factory employees have been working throughout the pandemic to maintain food production and understands the sense of agrievement they feel as this news is received.

Council notes that the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and Glasgow City Council have formed a taskforce to explore options for retaining these jobs and securing the future of the factory and the site. Council further notes that Trade Union members will be directly represented on the taskforce.

Council believes that Pladis has an obligation to the workers and the wider east end community to explore every option for securing a positive future for the factory and encourages Ministers from both the UK and Scottish Governments to do all that they can to lend their support.

Council therefore instructs

  1. the Leader of the Council to write to the Managing Director to urge the company to actively engage with the taskforce; and
  2. officers, working with the taskforce, other key stakeholders and elected members, to take all appropriate steps to assist in preventing the loss of these jobs, securing a sustainable future for the site and assisting the workforce affected.

The motion was approved unanimously.


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