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Challenge Poverty Week

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This year’s Challenge Poverty Week runs from 5th – 11th October, with the week being a fantastic opportunity for people across Scotland to raise their voices against Poverty and work together towards fight for sustainable solutions to poverty.

COVID-19 has affected countless people across Scotland, as people face redundancies and insecurity over their jobs and livelihoods. Poverty is not an issue of the past, but rather a reality for many people currently locked in a daily struggle to make ends meet. Now more than ever it is vital that we all work to tackle poverty across Scotland.

This year’s Challenge Poverty week aims to change the conversation around poverty, ending the stigma of living on a low income, as well as to build awareness of solutions to poverty. Each of the seven days of Challenge Poverty week has a different theme, from investing in green jobs and decent work to increasing financial support for carers.

You can become involved in a number of ways – by organising a socially distanced or online discussion, sharing social media posts and contacting your local representative.

The Poverty Alliance are also providing free training on media, social media and how to build support for solutions to poverty. You can visit the Challenge Poverty Week website or follow @CPW_Scotland on Twitter for the latest information and how to get involved.