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Black Lives Matter in education

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Of everything that has happened this year, the surge in support for the Black Lives Matter movement is one of the most significant moments in our history. Yet with so much going on in the world at the moment, it can be easy for issues to fall out of political focus and for the media cycle to move on.

That groundswell cannot be allowed to dissipate. Every one of us has a duty to ensure that we do all we can to right racial injustices. I certainly intend to maintain focus on this important issue and do whatever I can to work towards a fairer, more equal future.

But in looking forwards, we must look into the past to fully understand the roots of racism. One issue raised with me by a number of my constituents lately is that of the need for education on issues surrounding racism and Black history.

Given the importance of this, last month I wrote to the Scottish Government's Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, John Swinney MSP, to ask what work was being undertaken to deliver this vital information in schools. I have now received a response to this correspondence, giving a full outline of the work being done.

Given the interest in this, and the overwhelming amount of correspondence I have received recently regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, I have published the response in full below.

I am very grateful to the Cabinet Secretary for his answer and am truly delighted to learn of the work being carried out to ensure that schools are supported properly to deliver education in race equality.

Black Lives Matter is more than just a slogan. Without action, nothing will change. The actions taken to improve education are commendable, and I'll continue to work where possible to push forward in other areas too.

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