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A post-lockdown pint!

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Many of us are already thinking about what life might be like after lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted. For me, a pint with friends down the pub is certainly on this list. But don’t forget… other pints are available even now!

Whilst our NHS continues to battle Coronavirus, please remember that other critical NHS services are still ongoing and there is always need for people to donate a pint of blood. With Parliament in recess this week, I took the opportunity to book an appointment with the Glasgow Blood Donor Centre in Nelson Mandela Place. Booking was easy and there were plenty of spaces available, so if you can donate – please log onto scotblood.co.uk and get yourself booked in.

Finally, thank you to all the NHS staff at the Glasgow Blood Donor Centre for ensuring an efficient, Covid-secure environment. Donating blood literally helps save lives, so please do your bit if you’re eligible.